Monday, December 12, 2016

Farm Town Farmer on Facebook: Let's Play The Game Again!

Candy Crush may have crushed nearly all of the games on Facebook but over 100,000 people around the world still play Farm Town! Yes, the game that hooked us for years is still being played by Farm Town Farmers around the world.

Okay. So I decided to open Farm Town, after nearly three years of not playing the game, just to check if it is still live. And yes, hundreds of apps may have vanished from Facebook but Farm Town is still here.

And yes, as expected, my entire farm is but a field of withered plants (gone to waste!). How's yours? Here is the first pic I saw when I opened Farm Town again today:

In case you've already forgotten, when your plants have withered, you have to clear the crops by either pulling out the withered plants yourself or by hiring someone from the marketplace. And oh, I didn't realize I already have three farms! Good thing I have a X9 plower, which means I can easily clear up the "gone to waste" plants and replace them with plowed fields 9 plots at a time!

After a few clicks, my farm has turned into plowed fields so I decided to plant Pineapple because, so far, this gives me the highest return and takes 3 days before it goes to waste.

This gets me excited again even if the game has not changed a lot since I left several years ago. Now, I dare you to play the game again and let me know how it feels this time. You can post your comment below!

Thanks for reading and please start farming again!