Monday, December 12, 2016

Farm Town Farmer on Facebook: Let's Play The Game Again!

Candy Crush may have crushed nearly all of the games on Facebook but over 100,000 people around the world still play Farm Town! Yes, the game that hooked us for years is still being played by Farm Town Farmers around the world.

Okay. So I decided to open Farm Town, after nearly three years of not playing the game, just to check if it is still live. And yes, hundreds of apps may have vanished from Facebook but Farm Town is still here.

And yes, as expected, my entire farm is but a field of withered plants (gone to waste!). How's yours? Here is the first pic I saw when I opened Farm Town again today:

In case you've already forgotten, when your plants have withered, you have to clear the crops by either pulling out the withered plants yourself or by hiring someone from the marketplace. And oh, I didn't realize I already have three farms! Good thing I have a X9 plower, which means I can easily clear up the "gone to waste" plants and replace them with plowed fields 9 plots at a time!

After a few clicks, my farm has turned into plowed fields so I decided to plant Pineapple because, so far, this gives me the highest return and takes 3 days before it goes to waste.

This gets me excited again even if the game has not changed a lot since I left several years ago. Now, I dare you to play the game again and let me know how it feels this time. You can post your comment below!

Thanks for reading and please start farming again!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Do You Still Play Farmtown?

It so surprising to know that Farm Town is still up and running on Facebook. The game has been online since Facebook started introducing games and it is still running until now. Wow! So many games have come and go and Farm Town is among the few that have stayed.

But do you still play this game? Do you still play Farm Town just like the "good ol' days?"

I have to admit that while I was one of those who got hooked with Farm Town (which resulted to the creation of this blog), I rarely have time now to play the game. But it's good to know that there are people like you who remain loyal to their farms.

Please let me know why you still play farm town by posting your comments below.

Thanks and enjoy farming!

Friday, March 6, 2015

All crops in the farm, no decorations, trees and others!

I decided to keep my trees, flowers, garden decorations and animals to the storage bins and focus on transforming my entire farm into a sea of crops!

Yes, and I've planted the entire farm with pineapples that should give me enough cash to expand my farm. Oh well I need a lot of planting to do to get to the millions that the realtor's office is asking.

I have to admit that I've been absent in my farm for quite some time and I don't know why I'm getting addicted to the game again for the last couple of days.

That said, please expect more frequent post from this farm town farmer ;)

Any strategy to increase the coins without having to beg for work?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FarmTown on Facebook... Do You Still Play This Game?

With all the candy crushing and bubble bursting games on Facebook that can easily be played on your smartphone, do you still come and visit your farm in FarmTown?

If I get 10 comments for this post, I will go back to FarmTown and update this blog on a daily basis....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Candy Crush Cheat and Hack... anyone?

Got an email this morning from a Candy Crush player asking me if I know of any cheats or hacks for the game. The sender said he's been stuck on a certain level but do not want to use his credit card to purchase an escape route.

Hello FarmTown Farmer. I know this email is off topic but I was just thinking maybe you know of cheats or hacks for Candy Crush. I used to play Farm Town during its early stages and I still love the game until now although Candy Crush is taking up more of my time. Please let me know if you can help me advance to the next level without having to purchase anything. I'll wait for your reply in your blog. Thanks, Robert.

Candy Crush Cheats, Codes, Hints, and Hacks 

I believe Robert is not a regular reader of this blog. Because if he was, he would have known that I am very much against any form of cheats, hacks, or codes that would advance the level of a player in any of the games on Facebook. As I've often said, using cheats in games will only make the game boring because the challenges will be very easy to pass.

I have also been playing Candy Crush and I truly love the game, although it has not surpassed my love for Farm Town. The game reminds me of Bejewelled only that the creator of Candy Crush has made the game more challenging and fun to play.

Now for Robert, I'm sorry to break this to you but the maker of Candy Crush has invested tons of dollars to prevent hackers and cheaters to tweak the codes of the game. The game is a gold mine and so its creator will do everything it can to make sure that no cheats or hacks will be made for Candy Crush.

Now back to Farm Town, I just realized that it's been almost a year since I last played the game. Do you still play Farm Town? Would you mind sharing me your thoughts and opinion about the game? Email me at

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FarmTown Question: How can I buy my second farm?

As usual, you need to go to the realtor office which is found under the map icon.

The XP values for each purchase:
  • FarmCash purchases give you +601 XP for each upgrade (apart from first purchase which gives you 1000 XP). If you purchase all the upgrades with FarmCash you can earn +4606 XP
  • Purchases with coins give you +1000 XP for each upgrade possible for the third farm. As this gives you +1000 XP for each upgrade, when you purchase all the upgrades with coins you would earn 7000 XP.
The requirements/monetary values for each purchase:
  • First purchase of Farm 3 : 30 Neighbours and 1,000,000c OR 40 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 14x14 : 30 Neighbours and 100,000c OR 20 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 16x16 : 30 Neighbours and 200,000c OR 20 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 18x18 : 30 Neighbours and 300,000c OR 20 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 20x20 : 30 Neighbours and 400,000c OR 20 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 22x22 : 30 Neighbours and 500,000c OR 20 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 24x24 : 30 Neighbours and 600,000c OR 20 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 26x26 : 30 Neighbours and 10,000,000,000 OR 30 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 28x28 : 30 Neighbours and 5,000,000,000 OR 25 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 30x30 : 30 Neighbours and 4,000,000,000 OR 30 FarmCash (whatever your level)
  • Upgrade: 32x32 : costs 4,000,000,000 OR 30 FarmCash (whatever your level)

Have you been to your farm lately? FarmTown on Facebook Update

First of all, let me offer a little prayer for our Farm Town neighbors in the Northeast as they struggle to keep safe while Super typhoon Sandy is in town. I hope you and your families will be safe.

Now back to FarmTown.

I mean, I know I have not updated this blog for so long (if this was a FarmTown plant, you'd see the entire page rotting to the max). Well, it seems that the number of people playing farm town is slowly decreasing, what with all the new games being introduced on Facebook everday!

But I can tell you straight that I still have my farm and I have not deactivated FarmTown. It's still one of my favorite games on Facebook and I know, because you are reading this post, FarmTown still interests you.

Let's this post be a sign that I will, again, keep this blog updated with at least a post a day and I hope you will be with me by posting comments, asking questions, or liking us on Facebook.

See you in a while!