Sunday, March 27, 2011

Facebook Farm Town Tip: How to Remove Spaces Between Fields

Hello there Farm Town Farmers. Thanks for the email messages some of you sent me. Anyway, I got an email from a Farm Town beginner asking me for ways to remove spaces between fields. I have tackled this topic before but since this blog was suspended and then reactivated by Blogger sans the original posts, I will discuss again this same topic.

I assume that the email sender refers to the space like the one in the picture below:

And she wants to it to look like one in the picture below:

It's actually not rocket science but honestly, it also took me several days to finally figure out how to do it when I was new in Farm Town.

To remove spaces between fields, simply click on the icon located on the upper right hand corner of your farm.

The "Preference" window will pop up and all you have to do is check the square button where it says "Remove Space Between Fields" then hit the green CHECK button

And that's it! The next time you place fields on your farm, there won't be any more spaces between them. If you want to put the spaces back, just uncheck the "Remove Space Between Fields" button.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do you still play Farm Town?

It's so heart-warming to receive a lot of messages from Farmtown farmers who have been reading this blog. I'm happy to note that you are still there and you still trust this site for your Farmtown needs.

Anyway, I wonder if you still play FarmTown with all the new farm games now up on Facebook. Does it still appeal you to check your farms regularly just like what you've done when FT was first introduced? Have you found some new tricks and tips for new players?

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Thanks and happy farming.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farmtown Farmer's Blog back online

Dear FarmTown Farmers,

For nearly six months, I fought hard to reinstate this blog ( but didn't get any response from blogger. As you noticed, this blog was suspended for alleged spamming activities when all I did was to let visitors read various tips and articles about how to play Farm Town on Facebook.

For nearly six months, I cried at night, didn't sleep well, played Farm Town but ended up just staring at the field. had been a community of people who love to play the game. With more than 350 readers of the blog, I toiled hard to provide you with only the most accurate tips, cheats, and updates about farmtown.

As a consolation, blogger deleted and made it available back for registration. Good thing I noticed it and immediately re-registered the blog.

This is the reason why we are back online. And i hope I can still get the same passion, the same energy, and the same excitement in regularly updating this website following the death of the old site.

I hope you will continue to read this blog.

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