Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farmtown Farmer's Blog back online

Dear FarmTown Farmers,

For nearly six months, I fought hard to reinstate this blog (farmtownfarmer.blogspot.com) but didn't get any response from blogger. As you noticed, this blog was suspended for alleged spamming activities when all I did was to let visitors read various tips and articles about how to play Farm Town on Facebook.

For nearly six months, I cried at night, didn't sleep well, played Farm Town but ended up just staring at the field. Farmtownfarmer.blogspot.com had been a community of people who love to play the game. With more than 350 readers of the blog, I toiled hard to provide you with only the most accurate tips, cheats, and updates about farmtown.

As a consolation, blogger deleted farmtownfarmer.blogspot.com and made it available back for registration. Good thing I noticed it and immediately re-registered the blog.

This is the reason why we are back online. And i hope I can still get the same passion, the same energy, and the same excitement in regularly updating this website following the death of the old site.

I hope you will continue to read this blog.

For just about anything, email me at farmtownfarmer99@gmail.com


  1. I am one that left Farm Town and went to Farm ville months ago but Farm Ville wears you out clicking on all those things that you do not care about so left that and back to Farm Town and see how much Farm Town has improved and how much fun it is and will stick with fun Farm Town

  2. i tried farmville but don't care for how it directs my game so just let it go. been playing ft since it had 60 levels - unsure how long that's been. am at level 235 now and keep thinking i'll get around to creating 'the farm' i want as soon as i have all the tools/bldgs/facilities i want, lol never gonna happen! glad your blog is back, hope it doesn't get deleted again!

  3. Hello Oddcat. I'm glad you're back on Farmtown