Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have you been to your farm lately? FarmTown on Facebook Update

First of all, let me offer a little prayer for our Farm Town neighbors in the Northeast as they struggle to keep safe while Super typhoon Sandy is in town. I hope you and your families will be safe.

Now back to FarmTown.

I mean, I know I have not updated this blog for so long (if this was a FarmTown plant, you'd see the entire page rotting to the max). Well, it seems that the number of people playing farm town is slowly decreasing, what with all the new games being introduced on Facebook everday!

But I can tell you straight that I still have my farm and I have not deactivated FarmTown. It's still one of my favorite games on Facebook and I know, because you are reading this post, FarmTown still interests you.

Let's this post be a sign that I will, again, keep this blog updated with at least a post a day and I hope you will be with me by posting comments, asking questions, or liking us on Facebook.

See you in a while!


  1. Thanks for the update. I may have to start being an active player again...

  2. Well, we should all start being an active player again. :)