Thursday, July 12, 2012

SimCity Social on Facebook... Let's be neighbors!

Finally, EA has brought SimCity Social on Facebook. Although I was really hoping they'd bring in Sim City to Facebook, I'm cool with the current game. A new game that you will surely fall in love with especially if you are a fan of Sim City or Sim Social.

Now, there are a lot of players who are asking me for cheats so they can get plenty of simoleons, unlimited energy, etc. etc. But I know you guys knew that I really don't give out cheats and I am not in favor of using cheats to advance your stages in any Facebook game.

Here's what we can do. Let's add a lot of neighbors whom we can ask for gifts, items, or hire as workers. That's secret behind having a great SimCity stats. Add a lot of neighbors who can be helpful in your future needs.

This is the reason why I created a new Facebook account exclusively for playing SimCity Social on Facebook. Add me on Facebook so we can be neighbors on the game and then let's grow our Cities together.

Add me on Facebook at

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