Friday, August 14, 2015

Do You Still Play Farmtown?

It so surprising to know that Farm Town is still up and running on Facebook. The game has been online since Facebook started introducing games and it is still running until now. Wow! So many games have come and go and Farm Town is among the few that have stayed.

But do you still play this game? Do you still play Farm Town just like the "good ol' days?"

I have to admit that while I was one of those who got hooked with Farm Town (which resulted to the creation of this blog), I rarely have time now to play the game. But it's good to know that there are people like you who remain loyal to their farms.

Please let me know why you still play farm town by posting your comments below.

Thanks and enjoy farming!


  1. I've just started playing again after a few years absence too. So much forgotten and many changes/new things have been done. I'm totally lost. LOL Please tell me you feel the same way. I wish there was just one good blog for people like us that have returned after a long absence. It's a bit different for us then for people playing FT for the first time. I find that I'm having to remember/relearn things I forgot OR learn new things OR throw out the old and learn the new. A simple example would be working our neighbors farms. Before we were able to harvest, fish, water, etc. in order to earn coins and help them out. Now we're limited to watering flowers & if we're lucky responding to request that friends have posted for help. Anyway, I really look forward to your updates to the blog to help me figure out what the heck I'm doing. It's difficult to earn money now until your able to level up and earn more coin/$. Which by the way I forgot how to do that too! Earn $ that is. Wish you luck and happy farming. Back to the farm to give the market a try!

    1. BTW, it would be helpful for people like me if you did youtube video's. I'm disabled and do better with visual learning these days. It's just easier to understand. Thanks again for taking you valuable time to blog!

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