Sunday, September 25, 2011

Farm Town cheat or help... you decide

I received an email this morning from one of our blog readers. He informed me about a new technique (?) to easily and quickly gain experience points in Farm Town. Excerpt of the email below:

Hi, I have a technique for gaining a lot of experience points in Farm Town. I use a program called RemoteKeys to automate the buying of hay bales, which have the highest point/coins ratio (1:10). Using it, I recorded a sequence for buying 12 bales of hay, then selling them. The script repeats 50 times, so it generates 3000 points each time it is run. I've used it to gain about 60,000 points.

Of course, he emailed me the program that will be needed through RemoteKeys to make the technique (or cheat) work. Has any of you tried this technique? I'd love to try this in my farm but I am hesitant to download Remotekeys for fear that I might get a virus or some malicious codes.

If you've tried this technique and liked it, please share us your thoughts. Thanks and happy Sunday everyone!

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