Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sims Social on Facebook - Cheat and Hints

Hello Farm Town Farmers! It's heartwarming to note that a lot of us are still playing Farm Town even if there are already a lot of games being introduced on Facebook. Good thing too that Slashkey has also been introducing new features on Farm Town to keep us playing.

Anyway, another game is currently playing on Facebook. It's called The Sims Social. If you have played The Sims before, then this game is not new to you although there are plenty of additions like taking care of plants, planting and plowing, and few others.

Expectedly, a lot of players are digging up the web to look for Facebook Sims Social Cheats - how they can advance their character without actually playing the game, how they can earn Sims cash without sweating it out, or how they can upgrade their houses without actually performing tasks.

As what I've been saying before, looking for cheats for your Facebook game will surely defeat the thrill and excitement of playing. Why do we have to look for cheats when the purpose of our playing Facebook games is to have fun. I don't understand why a lot of players find it fun to play the game using cheats and codes.

Anyway, I have started playing Sims Social last week and I can say that it's fun although Farm Town remains to be my number one Facebook game.

Happy Farming everyone!

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