Sunday, September 4, 2011

FarmTown Updates - What's the latest on Facebook's Farm Town game

Hello FarmTown Farmers. Zynga recently emailed me the latest updates and other past updates of our favorite game, FarmTown. Here is a quick run down:

- 25 New Levels.
- Farm 11.
- 2 new animals and 2 superanimals (Longwool Sheep and Heavywool Llama).
- Loader tool for Facilities.
- Red Mobile Sprinkler double crops and flowers growing speed.
- Days,Hours,Mins instead of % when mouseover crops, trees or flowers.
- Belt Showroom icon in Toolbox.
- Brown Sprinkler can now irrigate flowers in any farm, not just neighbours farms.
- Stock your Home Depot Store with gardening tools.
- Fishing Accessories Factory, Animal Accessories Factory, Farmart and Towmart.

Other Past Updates:.

- Per-facility Start All button.
- Mixer and Belt Dryer tools for Facilities.
- 22 New products for existing facilities.
- LogTruck with Chainsaw 3 x 3.
- Design your farm with other users in realtime.
- Bottling Machine to Start All productions for a product in the bottling facilities.
- Add to Animal Building tool in extended tool box.
- Lots of popups removed.
- Farm selector now shows fertilized farms.
- Farming Tools Factory, Gardening Tools Factory, Bed and Breakfast and Music Conservatory.

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Happy Farming!

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